Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3Jack Black once again voices a panda who, this time, is reunited with his estranged father (Bryan Cranston) and travels to a secret panda paradise. But when a supernatural villain (J.K. Simmons) begins to sweep across China, he must train his fun-loving, clumsy brethren in the fine art of kung fu. (PG – 100 minutes)

“Kung Fu Panda 3” features a fun mix of hijinks and high-octane action for younger viewers and spirituality and sweet sentimentality for older viewers. The animated film franchise’s heart and soul has always been the relationship between Po and his adoptive father Mr. Ping. That aspect is revisited and challenged in the new sequel and accompanied by an additional message about reaching beyond one’s own perceived limitations. Children and adults alike will learn a few valuable life lessons while also enjoying an electrifying array of visuals that season a fast-paced, exciting story.

Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)


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