The Confirmation

ConfirmationClive Owen plays a down-on-his luck carpenter tasked with entertaining his young son. But when his prized toolbox is stolen, a quiet father-and-son weekend turns into an adventure of a lifetime. Aided by an oddball drywall repairman (Patton Oswalt), the duo search for the thieves and find something they never imagined – a true family connection. (PG-13 – 90 minutes)

“The Confirmation” has more finely crafted characters than most movies made nowadays. That is to say that writer/director Bob Nelson, finding more facets of the father-and-son theme he also explored in “Nebraska,” gives each and every one of the characters in his new dramedy – even the seemingly not-so-nice ones – enough humanity to earn our empathy. As a result, his project instills within us the same hope that Clive Owen’s protagonist is seeking. Moreover, the story pulls on our heartstrings without ever resorting to sentimentality, instead relying on our understanding that everyone has reasons for their actions and it is only through kindness and compassion that any of us will succeed.

Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)


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