13 Cameras

13 CamerasPJ McCabe and Brianne Moncrief play newlyweds who move into a new home having no ideas that their landlord (Neville Archambault) has installed secret cameras in it. They soon find out that their marital issues are nothing in comparison to the monster that watches their every move. (NR – 87 minutes)

Certain movies make you scared to go to particular places. For example, “Jaws” made it impossible to go swimming in the ocean while “Frozen” made many people think twice about boarding a ski lift. “13 Cameras,” on the other hand, makes you uneasy even being in your own home. The new voyeurism thriller sends chills down your spine and creates within you a paranoia about ominous observers that lingers long after the end credits have rolled. The film’s strongest asset is actor Neville Archambault, whose macabre mannerisms and frightening facial expressions alone will disturb you beyond belief.

Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)


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