Search Party

Search PartyThomas Middleditch plays a man who travels to Mexico in an effort to win back his girlfriend after his friends (Adam Pally and T.J. Miller) ruin his wedding. However, when he is carjacked and left naked, said friends set out in search of him but get side-tracked several times along the way. (R – 93 minutes)

Look no further – the year’s funniest comedy so far has arrived. “Search Party” is a nonstop, pedal-on-the-gas and balls-to-the-wall laugh riot. Some may write the film off as a steaming pile of nonsense but others will appreciate its insane silliness. Viewers are taken on a ridiculously wild ride to Mexico that comes complete with plenty of side-splitting pit-stops along the way to a hilariously harebrained final act. Its uniquely outrageous (and often offensive) sense of humor is certainly not for everybody but those with a flexible funny-bone will love every minute of the absurd debauchery.

Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)


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