SundownDevon Werkheiser and Sean Marquette play high school seniors who sneak off to Puerto Vallarta during spring break while their parents are out of town, hoping to party with a high school crush (Sara Paxton). Once there, they meet a mysterious local beauty (Camilla Belle) who they believe steals a priceless family heirloom that then falls into the hands of a dangerous gangster. (R – 103 minutes)

“Sundown” has great energy, strong passion and – best of all – big laughs. The new action-packed romantic comedy is tremendously fun from beginning to end as it takes viewers on vacation to a beautiful-yet-chaotic Puerto Vallarta. Each insane situation leads to an even wackier one in rapid succession, resulting in enormous entertainment value. However, it is the film’s heart that sets it apart as well as its love of music as it features special appearances from the several of the world’s top DJs including Steve Aoki, Paul Oakenfold, Chris Lake and Adrian Lux.

Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)Red Star (Small)


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